About us

The LATEQ project, Technical Equipment of Linus Alber GmbH, is working on innovative developments in the field of tire temperature control, pit lane and workshop equipment.



First developments started with an own dissatisfaction about the common tire heaters in motorsports. 
Electric solutions need time to heat up tires including their rims and gas-powered solutions have to leave the pits due to the risk of fire.
While studying Linus Alber composed first ideas and concepts for a solution of the described problem.
After first successful tests regarding function and performance, Linus Alber GmbH was founded in February 2021.

Tiretemp Motorsports

First testing series of TTM prototypes led to close-to-production versions, which were exposed to intensive practical tests in cooperation with W&S Motorsport.
With operations for W&S Motorsport (NLS), Space Drive Racing (24h Nürburgring) and the Zebra Racing Team (P9 Challenge), Tiretemp Motorsports has proven to be a reliable solution for preheating tires in motorsports.
The market ready Tiretemp M version heats a set of tires including their rims to operating temperature within a short time.


The proven heating concept was further developed for other tire temperature control tasks. 
This resulted in designing Tiretemp Workshops, which ensures safe conditions for mounting tires on their rims. 
With the help of TTW, cold UHP and runflat tires are heated to the intended mounting temperatures in the shortest possible time. Due to the ongoing development, a marketable device is planned for 2022.